Exploring the Creative MidTiny Health Indicator

Exploring the Creative MidTiny Health Indicator

The Smart MidTiny Health Indicator provides a detailed picture of the midcap and smallcap sectors of India’s rapidly expanding healthcare industry. Because of the careful selection of companies with moderate to modest market size, it provides a unique viewpoint on an important economic area.

Comprehending Index Composition:
This index, which consists of up to 30 equities based on free-float market capitalization, guarantees a complex portrayal of market dynamics. It is a portion of the larger Nifty MidTiny 400 index, which consists of a range of mid and small-cap firms from various industries.

Unique Index Characteristics:
On April 1, 2005, the Creative MidTiny Health Indicator was launched with a base value of 1000 to enable tracking of performance. To preserve balance and sector representation, the weight of each stock in the index is a reflection of its free-float market capitalization.

Unique Index Characteristics:
Sectoral Distribution and Modification
Quarterly rebalancing and semi-annual reconstitution adjust to the changing healthcare environment. To maintain relevance, this entails adding or eliminating stocks. To reduce concentration risk, the weight of each stock is capped at 33%, while the combined weight of the top three stocks is limited to 62%.

Results and Patterns:
The index shows a 58.23% one-year return as of March 28, 2024, and a 17.73% five-year average return. However, historical performance does not guarantee future results.

Performance and Trends: A Look at Investment Matters:
Purchasing the Creative MidTiny Health Indicator provides exposure to prospective growth in the healthcare sector as well as diversity. Small and midsize company stocks have better growth prospects, but they also come with higher risk.


• Diversification: By spreading risk among healthcare stocks, you can invest in a fund that tracks this index.

 • Sector-Specific Growth: The quick growth of the healthcare industry may result in larger profits.

 • Skilled Fund Management: Renowned fund managers assess stocks for possible gains.

 • Liquidity: Daily trading of fund units improves accessibility.

Negative aspects:

• Market Risk: Stocks in the healthcare industry are prone to changes in the market.

• Risk of Sector Concentration: Fund performance may be impacted by an over-reliance on healthcare.

 • Volatility: The price of mid-cap and small-cap equities can fluctuate significantly.

In contrast to the Nifty Healthcare Index:
Whereas the Nifty Healthcare Index concentrates on larger businesses, the Ingenious MidTiny Health Indicator covers mid- and small-cap healthcare stocks. Various components meet the varying risk appetites and preferences of investors.

Tax Repercussions:
Equity fund taxation laws apply to mutual funds that follow the Ingenious MidTiny Health Indicator. These rules include a 15% short-term capital gains tax and a 10% long-term capital gains tax over ₹1 lakh without indexation advantages.

In conclusion, the clever MidTiny Health Indicator sheds light on the expansion of the healthcare industry in India. It provides a fair assessment of mid- and small-cap firms, making it an invaluable tool for investors researching this important sector.

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