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DDA Housing Scheme 2024

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) was initiated in 1957 with the motive of systematic and balanced development of Delhi. In 2024, the DDA plans to launch the Housing Scheme 2024 which would include around 1354 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK DDA houses in Delhi for different sections of society. These residential units will be located in different locations of Jasola, Narela, Rohini, Dwarka, Siraspur, and Loknayak Puram. Read on below to get complete information about DDA housing scheme 2024 allotment policy.

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Updated: 12-05-2024 07:34:00 PM

DDA Housing Scheme 2024

This scheme enables people to buy their home whenever they want without waiting for any schemes to be launched.


In the initial first phase of the DDA housing scheme 2024, an inventory of 1,354 flats will be available to the people. Once all these flats are sold out, the concerned authorities will release another inventory for people to purchase flats.

Having a flat of one’s own is a dream of many across the country. However, due to socio-economic issues, including inflation, the prices of flats in India always remain on the higher side. It makes the idea of buying flats an unimaginable one for most middle-class and backward classes in India.

Delhi Development Authority Housing Details(DDA) 2024

The Delhi development authority introduced the DDA housing scheme to help people from all societies to buy flats at their convenience. Under this scheme, those who come from the backward classes, general category, and other castes get flats at low prices.

The scheme’s objective is to offer flats at affordable rates to those who require them. Only those residing in Delhi can avail of this plan launched by the Delhi government. Taking a housing loan can be intimidating for many for several reasons. Those who come from the backward class receive excellent discounts at flats under the scheme.

As per the policies of this DDA Upcoming Housing Scheme 2024, small and affordable flats are made in different locations in Delhi for small families.

The draft master plan – 2041 of the DDA houses was prepared by the Delhi Development authorities. Around 1354 flats were launched under the scheme. Several flats have been made under this DDA Flat Scheme in several places, such as Jasola, Narela, Rohini, Dwarka, Siraspur, and Loknayak Puram. The cost of the flats under DDA Housing Scheme 2024 ranges between Rs. 9.89 Lakhs to Rs. 218 Lakhs.

DDA Housing Scheme Flats Price List 2024

Locality Category Phase IV Approx. Area (in Sqm.) Approx. Cost (in Lakhs)
Dwarka – Sector 19B Pocket 3 2BHK 50 119.66 – 129.98 123 – 133
Jasola – Pocket 9B 3BHK 41 162.41 – 177.26 Rs. 208.4 – 218
Loknayak Puram – Pocket A 1BHK 140 42 – 44.46 26.98 – 28.47
Narela – Sector A1-4, Pocket 1C 2BHK 149 112.77 – 114.69 Rs. 110.27
Narela – Sector G-7, Pocket 4 1BHK 761 49.9 23.19
Narela – Sector G-8, Pocket 3 1BHK 1224 33.251 – 33.851 13.69 – 13.93
Narela – Sector G-2, Pocket 2 1BHK 505 33.291 – 33.851 13.70 – 13.93
Narela – Sector A1-4 1BHK 777 46.71 – 54.08 10.92 – 12.54
Narela – Sector G-7, Pocket 4 & 5 1BHK 146 35.5 9.89
Rohini – Sector 34, Pocket 1, 2, 3 & 4 1BHK 1516 33.29 – 33.854 14.1 – 14.24
Rohini – Sector 35, Pocket 5 1BHK 188 33.29 – 33.854 14.01 – 14.24
Siraspur – Pocket A1 & C2 1BHK 126 35.76 – 36.39 17.41 – 17.71

DDA Housing Scheme Eligibility

The upcoming DDA Housing Scheme 2024 allotment depends on several factors. If you want to apply for this scheme and are wondering whether you are eligible or not, make sure you check the eligibility requirements of the scheme well before making the final call.

  • Only Indians can apply for this scheme launched by the Delhi Government.
  • In order to apply for the DDA scheme, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • If you already own a property in any of the urban areas in Delhi, you are not eligible to apply for the scheme. Only those who do not already have a flat are eligible for the DDA Flat scheme.
  • If you already have a flat that is larger than 67 square metres in the name of your spouse or any of your dependent relations, including your children, you cannot apply for this scheme.
  • Both a husband and a wife can apply for the scheme. However, if both applications get approved, only one of them will be able to buy the flat using the scheme.
  • You can submit only one application under all circumstances.
  • If you decide to apply for more than one category under the scheme, you need to pay a higher application fee during your application.
  • All applicants should have valid permanent PAN cards to be able to apply for the DDA scheme.
  • The income of the applicant cannot be more than three lakhs per annum for EWS flats.
  • Make sure the income of your family does not exceed ten lakhs per year if you want to apply for the DDA Housing Scheme for EWS flats.
  • For other flats, there are no fixed income criteria to be followed. Anyone can apply as per their affordability and future plans.

Documents Required for DDA Houses

Make sure you keep track of all the documents that you need to submit while applying for the DDA flat scheme 2024.

The documents required by you are listed below:

  • You must have a valid PAN card. A self-attested copy of your PAN card is required when you apply for the dda new housing scheme 2024.
  • Proof of residence is required for the verification process. It can be your ration card/ driving licence/ passport/ telephone bills/ water bills, Aadhar card, or house tax receipts that serve as the proof of your residence.
  • For applying for the DDA housing scheme, you must have a copy of your bank account statements for the last year to reflect your income details.
  • A copy of your income tax returns is also required for the verification process of your application.

DDA Housing Scheme Online Application Procedure

You can apply for the DDA Scheme 2024 from the comfort of your home without visiting any bank or financial institution.

In order to apply for the scheme online, you need to follow simple steps:

  • Visit the DDA’s official website – https://eservices.dda.org.in/ first to proceed further.
  • The individual applying for flats under this scheme will have to deposit application money as mentioned below:
Category EWS LIG
Application Money for DDA Housing Scheme  Rs. 10,000 Rs. 15,000
  • You need to first complete the DDA Housing Scheme 2024 registration as an applicant. Submit your details, including your Aadhaar card number, PAN card details, mobile number, and other personal details.
  • You will get an OTP for verification purposes on your registered mobile number.
  • To proceed further with your DDA housing scheme application, log in to your account and select a scheme that suits your affordability and fits your demands properly.
  • Fill in your bank details, address details, and your joint applicants’ details.
  • You will have to upload your scanned image along with your signature of you and your joint applicant if you have one.
  • You can make the payments afterwards. For a one-bedroom flat, you will need to pay a deposit of Rs. 15,000 and for JANTA schemes, you will need to pay a deposit of Rs. 10,000.
  • After making the payment successfully, you will have to acknowledge the sleep by clicking on the ‘Acknowledgment Slip‘ option once you are done.
  • After that, you can easily check your acknowledgement slip from the ‘My Payment‘ option at your convenience.

Registration Fee for Delhi Development Authority Flats

For different DDA apartments under the DDA Flats Scheme 2024, different registration fees have to be paid by the applicants. Make sure you check your fees beforehand to make informed financial decisions in the future at ease.

DDA Housing Scheme Benefits Under PMAY - 2024

There are several benefits offered by the DDA housing scheme that the applicants can enjoy.

The major benefits that the DDA scheme comes with include:

  • You can easily own a house with the help of the scheme.
  • Irrespective of your financial status, you can find a suitable scheme that can help you buy your dream flat soon. Everybody stands a fair chance to apply for the DDA housing scheme 2024  based on their income.
  • You can avail a discount close to Rs. 5 lakh rupees if you are from Delhi under the scheme if you meet the proper criteria.
  • A discount of around Rs. 5 lakh is given for the flats that are newly built.
  • There are no chances of errors or cheating taking place because of the computer-drawn allocation procedure.
  • It is a great offer for those who are not yet settled and have a new job. Based on your current income, you can go for a plan that suits your budget and enjoy the benefits of buying a new flat at discounted rates in Delhi.

DDA Refund of Application Money

If you want to get a refund for the DDA housing loan scheme, you will have to write an application and send it to DDA in a proper format. The application has to be sent out within a specified period to cancel your application and obtain a refund.

There are no surrender charges for applicants who wish to cancel their DDA flats. Make an application for cancellation within the first 15 days of getting an allotment letter to get your refund under the DDA scheme. However, if you want to cancel your DDA flat after getting your allotment letter, you will not get the application amount.


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DDA Housing Scheme FAQs

The full form of DDA is Delhi Development Authority. DDA flat schemes were introduced by the authorities to help people from all social backgrounds to be able to buy their dream flats at affordable rates.

Visit DDA’s official website – www.dda.org.in to proceed further. Click on the online services option and put your application number properly to see your results of the draw under the scheme.

You will get a complete refund on cancellation of your DDA flat after you get the allocation letter from the DDA authorities. However, no refund will be made if you do not get through the DDA draw.

Flats that are offered under the DDA scheme cost around Rs. 9.89 Lakhs to Rs. 218 Lakhs.

Yes. The DDA housing scheme 2024 was introduced by the Delhi development authority. The Delhi government took the initiative of helping people from middle and low-income groups to buy flats at their convenience. The objective of the Delhi Government for this scheme is to offer affordable flats to all sections of society.

Visit the official website of the Delhi development authority. Put your application number properly to check your current DDA status.

The official DDA Housing Scheme 2024 launch date was 30 June.