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Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the global insurance firm leader in financial protection – AXA 26% stakes and Bharti Enterprises, a good renowned Indian based venture with 74% stake. Bharti AXA General insurance company is the very first organisation in the general insurance industry which received the dual certifications in just within the first five years of operations in 2009 of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005. The certification has been renewed in the year 2012 for a further 3 years. Bharti AXA general insurance has around 59 branch offices across India which offers various categories of insurance such as motor, travel, home, health insurance and more. Bharti AXA Health Insurance has successfully maintained the promise of the best customer and ensures relationship, simple claim process for understanding and within reach of every customer.

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Highlights of Bharti AXA Health Insurance

Sum Insured 5 Lakh to 1 crore
Network Hospitals 4500+
Incurred Claims Ratio 82.97%
Grievances Solved 99.69%
Renewability lifetime
Waiting Period for Pre-existing Disease 4 years

Benefits of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policy

01 : The incurred claim settlement ratio of the Bharti AXA Health Insurance for the year 2017-1018 is 98.50%.
02 : If you are looking for Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy then there is a free lookup period for 15 days.
03 : After 4 years of the policy issuance, pre-existing medical diseases are also covered under the Bharti AXA Health Insurance.
04 : There is a 24*7 customer assistance facility during the claim settlement period.
05 : Bharti AXA Health Insurance offers cover for genetic disorders after 4 years of the policy waiting period.
06 : Bharti AXA health insurance also offers unlimited room rent cover, depending on the health insurance plan that one chooses.
07 : Bharti AXA Health Insurance covers the pre and post hospitalisation. Elaborated, it is 30 days pre-hospitalization cover and 60 days post hospitalisation that covers the medical expenses of the policyholder.

08 : If you do not claim for 4 years then Bharti AXA health insurance gives you 1% of the total sum insured as the free health check-up sum.
09 : The Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policies are lifelong renewable hence you can renew your health insurance plan whenever you want to.
10 : Bharti AXA Health Insurance Premium payment is subject to income tax exemption as per section 80 (D) of the income tax Act.
11 : Bharti AXA Health insurance is a partner with over 4,500 hospitals across India. In the network hospitals, policyholders can avail the benefit of cashless claims.

Bharti AXA Health Plans Inclusions

  • Premium amount paid for Bharti AXA Health Insurance is exempted from tax under section 80 D of the Income Tax.
  • The insurance policy can be ported in case insured want to switch to some other insurer with the same benefits.
  • Any injury or disease that requires domiciliary hospitalisation (care and medical treatment at home) and exceeded 3 days will also be covered under the Bharti AXA Health Insurance
  • If the treatment is taken from a network hospital then policyholder can enjoy the benefit of cashless treatment.
  • The emergency ambulance charges used for the policyholder are also covered under the Bharti AXA Health Insurance.
  • The pre-existing disease is covered in the Bharti AXA Health Insurance after the 4-year consecutive renewal of the policy.

Bharti AXA Health Plans Exclusions

No matter how beneficial insurance policy is, there are always a few exclusions which are not covered in the plan. One should read the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying an insurance policy as exclusions may differ from one insurance policy to another. Following are a few basic exclusions of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policy that one should take care –

  • Bharti AXA Health insurance does not offer any coverage of the expenses that incurred from the hospitalisation of policyholder due to some disease or illness that was born or detected within 30 days of the inception period of the insurance policy.
  • Note – the same clause is not applicable for any type of subsequent policy renewals.
  • Any type of laser surgery or cataract surgery expense is not covered under the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • If your treatment requires replacement of joints without any accidental injury, (due to some internal body illness) then the expenses are not covered under the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • Any type of dental treatment is also excluded under the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • Any sexually transmitted disease, AIDS, HIV or any treatment that requires circumcision and a sex change is also not covered under the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • Bharti AXA Health insurance does not offer coverage for the treatment of ulcers, gastric problems and etc.
  • Any type of skin condition treatment is also not covered under the Bharti AXA Health insurance be it, nodules, internal tumours, breast lumps, cysts and etc.
  • Any rehabilitation, mental disorder treatment, stress, depression counselling and medicinal treatment coverage is not offered by the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • Suicide cases are excluded from the Bharti AXA Health insurance.
  • Any injury or illness that is caused due to addiction or excessive intake of illegal toxic drink like alcohol or drugs is also not covered under the Bharti AXA Health insurance.

Premium Calculation

  • You should be very clear how much sum insured you require. Sum insured is the maximum amount that a policyholder can get from the insurance provider at the time of claim. It is very crucial to calculate the sum insured properly. One should consider factors like lifestyle, marital status, family requirements, financial situations and etc.
  • Age of the individual who is seeking health insurance also matter while he/she wants to buy an insurance policy. Young age means a healthy body and less premium amount. With increasing age, the human body tends to become more prone to various health diseases, illness and this result in increasing premium amount. Hence keep a check on the age of the one or your age while buying an insurance policy.
  • The number of family numbers to be insured also matters while you are looking for health insurance policy. If you are alone and do not have anyone to look after then individual health insurance plan is the best, while if you have a family to look after then family floater plan will suit you the best. Sum assured in case of the family floater plan will be more than the sum assured in individual health insurance will be less.
  • Many individuals opt for the Bharti AXA health insurance for pre-existing illness. Terms and conditions for various plans differ and one of the basic differences between the other health insurance plans and the pre-existing illness cover is the minimum waiting period. Company require awaiting a period of year 2-4 years before it offers pre-existing medical cover. Also, there are insurance covers under which an upper limit for a daily amount which is spent on medical treatment such as hospitalisation is offered to the policyholder.

Why Go For Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policy?

Who can avoid their healthcare needs? No one can actually ignore health care needs because health directly affects everything.But, sometimes, due to circumstances, it gets quite hard to continue the life of routine life along with the expense of your healthcare. This is when health insurance comes in the picture. The health insurance sector is emerging at a very fast rate in India. It is because of the following factors –

  1. Nowadays there is no guarantee which new disease will emerge suddenly as disease are increasing, hence one needs to be prepared.
  2. Along with other sectors, the medical sector cost is also Skyrocketing. Even from minor disease to medical treatment like hospitalisation etc. Everything is getting so expensive that an individual, who is a bread earner, finds it hard to maintain economic balance.
  3. Busy life routines resulting in neglecting healthy life which further leads to a body full of illness which needs assistance.
  4. With education, there Awareness and planning of the future for a better and balanced secure life in our society. If you are bread earner of your family and suffer from some critical disease which needs immediate medical treatment, how your family will manage it? People understand such situation and look up for health insurance as an answer.
  5. If we calculate, we spend much money time unknowingly and realise later on that it was a waste of money. And at the time of need, you just shed tears. Health insurance gives a chance to you to invest money in a wise way that gives return (in for of claim) during the hour of need, so there is no dependency on anyone during the hour of need for economic help.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Review

Bharti AXA Health Insurance is a shining name in the health insurance industry. The premium prices are quite competitive which allow everyone to buy and afford a health insurance plan without many adjustments; Bharti AXA is one of the top 10 insurance companies in India. The Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company offer critical cover to 20 critical illnesses which is a very broad cover to enjoy. Bharti AXA Health Insurance is one of the most progressive and transparent health insurance service providers with a clear track record of claim settlements and constant offers for the customers.

Good Health is very important to attain great heights in life. Good health gives you the strength to keep on your head high and work. Do you remember the day when you were suffering from seasonal cold and cough? You had an important presentation. You prepared everything well before time and were confident in yourself. But, due to your unannounced health condition, you were unable to concentrate. In such a situation no matter how hard you try, you cannot have the same self-confidence and stamina as before while you will take the presentation. It was an example just about seasonal cold, now can you imagine yourself suffering from some critical illness or any of your loved one family members going through the struggle of fight with some disease. This imbalance makes everyone helpless. Your personal, professional and economic life is not at equilibrium. You may back to track from other prospective after recover but economy is something that is not that easy to get back in shape. Now a day’s cost of medical treatment is so high that even cost everything to sustain it. No matter how well in advance you are prepared but when it’s the hour of need you always need some more. Health insurance is the best way to manage everything more in less resource (money ) investment. Bharti AXA Health insurance is just the same safety cover that helps an individual to take care of not only his / her health but also his/ her loved ones.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Claim process

Claim process of Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policy is simple and can be easily done in a few easy steps. There are two authorised ways to make a claim under the Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company. One has to seek authorisation as per the insurance terms and conditions. After following the whole process systematically, one can obtain the claims. Two ways of making claim under Bharti AXA Health Insurance Policy are –

Cashless Claim Process

The cashless claim can be made if the individual got treatment from the network hospitals.

  • In the network hospital, fill up the cashless claim request form with all relevant details like policy number etc. and submit the same at the insurance help desk or just fax it at the number which is indicated in the mentioned form.
  • Then after the authorisation of your claim, you will receive an authorisation letter by Bharti AXA Health Insurance or by its TPA. You may set the bill directly with hospitals.
  • In case of rejection, a letter with the reason of claim rejection will be sent along with the response.
  • In case of planned treatment at the network hospitals, the policyholder can fill the claim cashless request forms and submit it at the insurance desk of the hospital, 4 days prior.
  • The policyholder and the hospital will be informed within 6 hours of receiving the cashless claim via email and SMS.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • In the case of reimbursement, Bharti AXA Health Insurance should be informed without 48 hours of hospitalisation.
  • In the reimbursement claim, the insured bill is paid to the hospital directly, but original documents of hospitalisation are required.
  • After submission of the following important documents, Bharti AXA health insurance release the payments within 21 days of the submission.

Documents required-

  • First prescription for the illness
  • Hospitalisation document in which doctor have suggested the same.
  • Final original bills and every other bill you paid for your treatment at the hospital
  • All test report, their bills and receipts/ Original test (lab) records.
  • Bills of all external medicines with original prescription if any.
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Attending doctor’s prescription/statement
  • Complete claim form

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Bharti AXA Health Insurance is quite transparent and gives customer support 24*7 with a promise of smooth claim settlement. Apart from that few important aspects of Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy are –

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization resulting in treatment at home rather than hospitals is also covered.
  • Day care treatment is covered hence even if you hospitalise for less than 24 hours your expenses will be taken care off.
  • Holistic hospitalization expense coverage
  • Expenses pertaining to pre and post hospitalization of policyholders are covered.
  • Pre-existing diseases get covered after the 4th year of policy renewal.

This is the digitalisation age. The digitalisation of things makes things quite easy and within the reach of everyone. It is completely your choice whether you want to buy an insurance policy online or offline as you will get complete support by Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company. Buying health insurance policy online is easy as you just have to go to the website, and you would also get a free quote online and the instant issue of policy. You just have to fill the application form and pay the premium amount of through online mode of payments like debit card, net banking or credit card. The policy documents would be posted as well as e-mailed to you by the Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company.

Claim settlement ratio of Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy is the number of insurance policy claims settled by the insurer against the total number of claim request received by the company.

The sum assured is the maximum amount that an individual can seek from the Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy during claim settlement. The Minimum sum assured that you get under a Bharti Axa Health Insurance is Rs. 2 Lacs, while, the maximum is Rs. 5 Lacs.

Sum assured of the Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy can be changed at the time of the renewal of the health insurance policy.

You can directly renew the Bharti AXA Health Insurance policy from its online website as you bought the new insurance policy. You just have to visit the online portal and select the renewal option. Then you have to fill in your information required for renewal, such as details of the policy number, policy expiry date, name, email id and mobile number. Post submission of the documents, you will be redirected to the payment page where you can pay for the renewal via credit/debit card or net banking.