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HDFC ERGO offers complete range of general insurance products ranging from Car Insurance, Health insurance, Travel, Home and Personal Accident in the retail space and customised products like Property, Marine and Liability Insurance in the corporate space.

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Updated: 29-05-2024 10:14:59 AM

Policy Highlights

Features Specifications
Third-Party Cover Up to Rs.7.5 lakh
Cashless Network Garages More than 5,800
Incurred Claim Ratio* 84.37%
Net Earned Premium* 1516.87
Covers Provided
  • Loss of Use/Down Time Protection,
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Engine and Gear Box Protection Cover
  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • Cost of Consumable Items
  • Emergency Assistance Service Programme
  • Return to Invoice, Key Replacement Cover

Benefits of Applying for HDFC Ergo

For starters, purchasing or renewing your HDFC ERGO saves you the trouble of visiting a HDFC ERGO outlet, which would involve a definite expenditure of time and effort. By purchasing the policy online with your credit/debit card or using online banking, the highest measure of security as afforded to such online transactions will ensure the complete safety of your investment. Safe, fast and reliable, in one unbeatable package.

Additionally, enjoy the following benefits when you purchase the HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance online-

Hassle-Free Application Process No documentations to submit nor verifications to affect at the time of online application. Thus, the process is faster and immensely hassle-free.
Ready Support HDFC ERGO customer support team is just an email or phone call away, to help sort all your queries or concerns through the online application process.
24×7 Coverage Never run out of coverage between the time when your current policy ends and the policy renewal copies have not yet reached you by post. With online renewal, ready e-copy of the policy is issued for you to print out, and of course, helps you stay insured without any breaks.
Unmatched Security The online application process is immensely simple and intuitive, and is also 100% secure. Thus, your investment stays safe and there is a ready paper trail for future references.

While there are several perks of opting to purchase or renew your HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance online as mentioned in the table above, customers can also benefit from testing out an emergent and successful technology, while parting ways from the common rat race!

Insurance Plans

The HDFC ERGO Car Insurance policy is a robust, comprehensive, scalable and cost-conscious product that affords 100% protection for your car against accidents and theft, while also giving you 100% peace of mind. In order to enhance this protective experience, HDFC ERGO puts forth a number of add-on covers that provide additional protection against conditions that might not necessarily be covered in the main policy. The available add-ons are segregated into four types-

  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Silver plan
  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Gold plan
  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Platinum plan
  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Titanium plan

Third-Party Motor Insurance?

Third-party liability insurance, also referred to as ‘act only’ cover, protects the vehicle owner against the third-party liabilities that may arise due to an unforeseen accident. A statutory requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act, third-party liability insurance covers the damages suffered by any person who is not involved in the insurance contract.

HDFC ERGO motor insurance plan also offers you a comprehensive liability-only insurance scheme with features like dedicated support, hassle-free claim procedures and instant online policy option.

Things covered:

A Liability Motor Insurance Policy as offered by HDFC ERGO covers the following clauses.

Liability to Third Parties In case of an accident to a third-person involving the policy holder’s vehicle, the policy covers all the legal liabilities that arise due to death or injury of the other party.
Personal Accident Cover for Owner & Driver HDFC Ergo third-party motor insurance also provides a compulsory personal accident cover for an amount of Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh against accidental death and permanent total disability.

Things not covered:

The following incidents and clauses are excluded by HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance for a third-party liability.

  • Claims that arise out of contractual liability
  • Any kind of liability that is caused directly or indirectly by nuclear weapons material
  • Death arising out of and during the employment period of a person under the employment of the insured beneficiary or any other person who is indemnified under this policy, or any bodily injury sustained by a third-party arising out of and in the course of employment.

Exclusions or Incidents that aren’t covered by the Policy:

  • General and natural ageing that results in wear and tear.
  • Damage caused to vehicle when the driver wasn’t carrying a driver’s license, and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or other mood/mind stimulating substances.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Damage to vehicle by war, mutiny or nuclear attacks.
  • Any damage to the tyres and tubes of the vehicle isn’t covered by the policy. However, if the said damage occurs as part of a bigger accident that also resulted in damage to the other part of the vehicle, then the liability of the company shall be limited to 50% of the cost of replacement.
  • Depreciation in line with the market scenarios and other external conditions.
  • Loss of the vehicle or damage incurred while outside India.
  • Damages that are caused due to overloading or straining of the insured vehicle.
  • Damage caused by the vibration or weight of the insured vehicle and/or the amount of load carried by it.

How to Claim.

The procedures involved when raising a claim on your HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance are as follows-

  • Call HDFC ERGO’s toll free number to register your claim. This applies to claims raised in relation to accidents or permanent loss due to theft.
  • After the intimation, you will be provided a unique claim number that will help with all your future correspondence with HDFC ERGO Car Insurance.
  • Ask the customer support’s help to locate the nearest cashless garage in case of accidents. Also, you can request for towing or ambulance services if required. Please note that if you have been involved in an accident with another vehicle, ensure that you note down the car number of the other party as well as the names and contact details of witnesses, if any.
  • If there is property damage, injury, theft, major damages and/or third-party injury, damage or death, report the incident to the nearest police station and file an FIR.
  • Back at the network garage, get a repair estimate, complete the claim document and attach any other necessary documents as required.
    • If the garage chosen by you isn’t listed under the HDFC ERGO network garages, then ensure that only genuine, manufacturer-approved parts as sourced from authorised retailers are used in the ensuing repairs.
  • Post the repairs, and after the same has been completed to your full satisfaction, pay ONLY for all the non-accident related repairs, depreciation, additional fittings and other small deductibles. The bulk of the payment will be settled by HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance with the garage.

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HDFC ERGO provides coverage for private cars depending on the listed selling price of the car and the Insured Declared Value. Claims can be made through cashless methods and policies can be availed instantly through the HDFC ERGO website.

HDFC ERGO provides coverage for private cars depending on the listed selling price of the car and the Insured Declared Value. Claims can be made through cashless methods and policies can be availed instantly through the HDFC ERGO website.

Yes, HDFC ERGO car insurance gives customers the option to renew their car insurance premiums online using their bank accounts or credit cards. Transfers from another insurer to HDFC ERGO motor insurance can also be done online while availing full benefits.

HDFC provides the facility for temporarily insuring your car while it is in the process of registration. This is generally valid for 60 days after which a comprehensive car insurance policy comes into effect.

Of course. With a credit card or net banking, you can subscribe to the HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance online. Similarly, you can also renew your policy online.

Yes, a third-party motor insurance can be transferred to HDFC ERGO. You will simply have to transfer the ‘No Claim Bonus’ accumulated on your previous policy with the other company over to HDFC ERGO. After that, you can continue enjoying all the benefits of your motor insurance like the way you would have with the previous insurer. The HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance is a comprehensive cover for your vehicle, bringing you world-class private car insurance on very attractive terms. The convenience of purchasing the policy online is appended by the top-notch customer support that comes bundled alongside the main package.