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Morgan Stanley was the first international financial company to offer mutual funds in India. It was incorporated in 1993 and was operational till 2014. HDFC Asset Management merged with Morgan Stanley in December 2013. The merger, valued at over Rs.3,090 crores, increased the investor and asset base of the largest mutual funds company in India, HDFC Mutual Fund. The merger was largely seen as a consolidation exercise by HDFC in the highly dispersed Indian mutual funds market.

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Updated: 29-05-2024 10:13:26 AM

Morgan Stanley funds were either absorbed or rechristened by HDFC MF as the following products:

Schemes with fundamental changes

Morgan Stanley Growth – HDFC Large Cap

Morgan Stanley A.C.E. – HDFC Small and Mid Cap

Morgan Stanley Gilt Fund – HDFC Inflation Indexed Bonds

Morgan Stanley Multi Asset (Plan A and B) – HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio FOFs.

Schemes that were merged

Morgan Stanley Liquid – HDFC Liquid

Morgan Stanley Ultra Short Term Fund – HDFC Cash Management Fund – Treasury

Morgan Stanley Active Bond – HDFC High Interest Fund – Dynamic

Morgan Stanley Short Term Fund – HDFC Short Term Bond


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