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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited 74% and Allianz SE 26% as on 31st March 2013.Bajaj Allianz General Insurance won the award for "Best General Insurance Company in the Private Sector" by ABP News - Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Awards The BFSI Awards 2014 recognizes the best performances of various Banking, Finance & Insurance Services.

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Policy Highlights

Features Specifications
Third Party Cover Upto 7.5 L
Cashless Network Garages 4000+
Incurred Claim Ratio* 62.20%
Net Earned Premium* 3662.67
Covers Provided Basic Cover with Best Value, Standard & Flexible Plans

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Coverage:

As per the dictates of the Bajaj Car Insurance policy, the following conditions are covered with regards to your vehicle:

Natural Reasons These include such natural catastrophes as fire, earthquake, hurricane, cyclone, lightning, landslide, rockslide, and other such uncontrollable acts of nature.
Man-Made Reasons Damage or complete loss of the vehicle due to intentional/unintentional acts of man are also covered by this car insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz. These include theft, acts with malicious intent, terrorism, strikes, accidents caused to external means, damage caused to vehicle when being transported through the road, railways, flight, lifts, etc.
Personal Accident Cover If the owner/driver of the vehicle encounters an unfortunate accident whilst driving or utilizing the vehicle in line with its intended purpose, than he/she is saved the financial implications of such an accident with a Rs.2 lakh Personal Accident Cover. Additionally, passengers of the vehicle and drivers other than the owner who may be victims of such an accident are protected by additional personal accident covers.
Third-Party Liability This is intended as protection against possible financial liabilities wherein the insured’s vehicle is responsible for/is a participant in an accident that resulted in the damage/loss of third-party property and/or injury/death of a third-party individual. This cover doesn’t benefit the insured directly, but saves him/her from the costly legal, medical and/or repair bills that the affected party is likely to forward for settlement.

Value-added Services

The value added services offered by Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance are as follows-

24×7 Spot Assistance Cover– The name says it all. When faced with your vehicle’s complete/partial mechanical/electrical breakdown while cruising the road through a relaxing holiday, you will be glad that to have opted for this additional cover. The varied conditions wherein this cover proves its worth include, dead battery, empty fuel tank, flat tyre(s), medical help, minor repairs, etc.

Keys & Locks Replacement Cover– Misplacing or losing your vehicle’s keys is a very common occurrence, and replacing it in time could be costly and time consuming. This aptly named cover will account for the aforementioned replacement costs. Also, if the loss of the keys has spooked you enough about the security risks involved with the compromised lock, then the cover also refunds the cost incurred in replacing said lock(s). Note that the benefits of this cover can be availed only once through the policy tenure.

EEZEE Card– A play on the word ‘Easy’, the EEZEE card offers Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance’s returning customers a range of exclusive benefits that primarily concern with medical procedures. If you renew the policy at the stipulated renewal notice price, then you are considered eligible for the EEZEE card. As part of the offer, discounts galore on such medical expenses as surgeries, OPD, pathological exams, lenses and optical frames, dentistry etc. Privilege medical partners aligned with Bajaj Allianz ensure that the customers are offered the best medical consultation and in-depth exams, as and when needed.

Personal Care Policy– This cover only applies for the owners of Skoda or Volkswagen manufactured vehicles, and only when these companies/non-banking financial institutions have financed your spanking new car. The personal care policy is inclusive of a number of thoughtful features, including- personal accident cover, provision of upto 3 EMIs in case the owner suffers an accident and isn’t able to support these commitments on a temporary basis, medical expenses cover and protection against financial liabilities in the form of unpaid EMIs when the insured/owner suffers an untimely demise or is permanently disabled due to an accident.

Features of Bajaj Allianz Telematics Insurance:

Some of the features of the telematics insurance service provided by Bajaj Allianz are as follows.

  • Its monitoring system diagnoses the condition of the vehicle.
  • It helps good drivers minimize their insurance premiums by providing accurate data on their usage and driving behaviour.
  • Its vehicle tracking feature helps you share your location with friends and family members.
  • It helps you create custom trips and provides interesting information about the routes you take.
  • It allows vehicle owners/drivers to monitor their own driving behaviour. For instance, it can notify you when you are overspeeding or doing something detrimental to the vehicle.
  • It helps you contact an automobile expert when you have a query regarding your car.

Documents Required When Applying For Car Insurance Policy

  1. Complete application form with requisite signatures and photograph.
  2. Copy of Driving License.
  3. Copy indicative of the vehicle’s registration.
  4. Copy indicative of the vehicle’s insurance status.
  5. Proof of payment of all associative tax.
  6. KYC documents including address and age proof.
  7. Other documents as and when required.

Alternatively, when applying for the Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy online, no actual documents needs to be submitted at that instance. The submission happens only when a claim is raised on the policy at a later date. Through the online route, the policy is issued instantly and the hard copy of this document is couriered to your registered address within 7 working days. Meanwhile, a digitally signed online copy is permanently available on Bajaj Allianz’s website for your kind inspection.

How to Apply or Renew

Technological advancement has made the process of applying for and renewing Bajaj Allianz car insurance real simple. You can apply for a policy simply by visiting the insurer’s website. Once you visit the website, you can either talk to an expert by providing your contact number in the online form or calculate the insurance premium on your own with the help of the car insurance premium calculator. When applying for insurance, you can also activate the renewal reminder to ensure that you get the right notification before the policy’s expiry. Renewal process is also quite the same. You have to choose your product in the Bajaj Allianz website and provide your insurance information. Once you provide the required details, you can simply pay the premium amount and continue with the plan.

Premium Calculator

The company’s online car insurance premium calculator helps you in determining the premium amount you will be paying for your car. By calculating the insurance premium for your car, you can compare it with other insurers in the market and opt for the best plan available. The car insurance premium calculator helps you determine the premium amount yourself without having to wait for an agent to give you a quote. The premium calculator tool can be accessed from the Bajaj Allianz website. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  • Enter the vehicle brand and model
  • Select the vehicle location
  • Select the vehicle year
  • Fill in your personal details, including your phone number and email id

After completing the above process, you can get a quote for your car insurance premium without any delay. If you choose to buy the insurance policy, you can go ahead and pay the premium online.

How to Raise Claim on Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

Accidents and theft, when these dreaded menaces befall your much cherished four wheeler, its time for your thoughtful Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance policy to go to work. Treated individually,

Car suffers an unfortunate accident,

  1. Tow the vehicle to the nearest garage. Network garages are much preferred.
  2. Explain the damage and immediately contact Bajaj Allianz to register claim.
  3. Provide the correct address of the garage so that a Bajaj Allianz inspection team can visit the vehicle there.
  4. After confirmation of your claim, and suitable repairs by the garage, the bill will directly be settled with the latter by Bajaj Allianz. The insured will only pay for additional work, fits that aren’t covered by the comprehensive policy and costs that account for depreciation value, salvage etc.
  5. If repairs are done in a non-network garage, the owner/insured will initially settle the bill and submit the same to Bajaj Allianz for the suitable reimbursement.

Car is stolen,

  1. Report the loss at a nearby police station immediately and have an FIR initiated.
  2. Contact Bajaj Allianz to report loss.
  3. If vehicle is missing past the 90 days marker, get the ‘Non-Traceable Report’ from the police.
  4. Submit ‘Non-Traceable Report’ to Bajaj Allianz and raise claim.

Documents Required When Raising a Claim/Reporting a Loss:

Particulars Accident Theft Third-Party Claim
Claim form duly signed by the insured Yes Yes Yes
Copy of Vehicle’s RC Yes Yes Yes
Copy of Driving License Yes Yes Yes
First two pages of the insured’s original policy document Yes Yes Yes
FIR Copy Yes Yes Yes
Original repair estimate as provided by garage Yes Yes
Original repair invoice Yes Yes
Payment receipt (for cashless garage- only repair invoice) Yes Yes
Post 90 days, ‘No-Trace Report’ as issued by the police Yes
RTO transfer papers duly signed along with Form numbers 28, 29, 30 and 35 (if hypothecated) Yes
Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle’s original documents. Yes

Customer Care

  1. Toll free numbers: 1800-22-5858, 1800-102-5858, Chargeable: 020-30305858.
  2. Post the contact, regular SMS notifications keep you apprised about the claim status.
  3. When raising the claim/ reporting a loss, keep these details handy-
    1. Your complete contact details including address and phone numbers.
    2. Date, time and exact location where the accident or theft occurred.
    3. A brief description of the accident or loss.
    4. Vital stats of the vehicle, including engine and chassis number.
    5. Kilometers clocked by the vehicle, as displayed on the latter’s odometer.
  4. In case of the accident, provide the complete address for the vehicle’s resting location (ideally the garage) wherein Bajaj Allianz’s expert inspection team can drop in for a on-site examination.
  5. Post the contact, you will receive a ‘Claim Reference Number’ that can be quoted through all future interactions with Bajaj Allianz in this regard.

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