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Since its inception, it is working with an intent to cater to the varied investment requirements of the investors by offering them a variety of equity, debt, and liquid mutual fund schemes. It has been dedicatedly working towards creating servicing platform which is perfect to meet the diverse needs of their existing as well as future customers. The rich investment history and market experience of this age-old fund house make it a popular option for the investors both in India and abroad.

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Updated: 29-05-2024 09:59:54 AM

Types of mutual fund

Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund offers a variety of mutual fund schemes under 3 broad categories. In each category, it has listed out multiple schemes which cater to the varied financial needs, investment objectives, and risk appetite of the customers.

Here are the various types of mutual fund schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund company:

  • Equity schemes
  • Debt Income schemes
  • Liquid Fund schemes

Mutual Fund Schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

The varieties of schemes that are offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund company are as follows:

  • Equity schemes
    • Baroda Pioneer Large-Cap Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Mid-Cap Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer ELSS’96
    • Baroda Pioneer Multi-Cap Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Hybrid Equity Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Banking and Financial Services Fund
  • Debt Income schemes
    • Baroda Pioneer Short Term Bond Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Treasury Advantage Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Income Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Gilt Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Conservative Hybrid Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Credit Risk Fund
    • Baroda Pioneer Ultra Short Duration Fund
  • Liquid Fund Schemes
    • Liquid Fund

Eligibility Criteria to make an investment with Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Each and every individual can invest in the mutual fund schemes of the Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund company as far as they satisfy the terms and conditions put forward by the company. Interested investors don’t have any restrictions from any law or law-making authority in this regard. Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund has mandated the customers to meet the below-mentioned criteria to be eligible for their mutual fund schemes. Customers who can’t meet the following criteria are not considered to be eligible for the schemes and can’t apply for subscription to the schemes:

  • Adult individuals who are the residents of India can apply either singly or jointly (not more than three persons) for the units of a scheme
  • Lawful guardians or parents in case of investment on behalf of minors
  • Bodies corporate, companies, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), associations of bodies of individuals or persons and societies which have a registration under the Societies Registration Act 1860
  • Charitable and religious trusts, Private Trusts, and Wakfs or endowments of private trusts (subjected to the receipt of required approvals) which are allowed to make mutual fund investments under their trust deeds
  • Partnership Firms which are formed as per the regulations of the Partnership Act 1932
  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) via its Karta
  • Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks, and Financial Institutions are also eligible
  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can apply either on a full repatriation basis or on a non-repatriation basis (except the citizens of Canada and the US)
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) or Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) who have a registration under the Securities and Exchange Board of India on full repatriation basis
  • Air Force, Navy, Army, and other paramilitary forces.
  • Industrial and Scientific Research Organisations
  • Pension/Provident/Gratuity and other similar funds as per their investment permissions
  • International Multilateral Agencies which are permitted by the Indian Government or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • AMC, Trustee, Sponsor or their associates who are approved to invest as per the current law
  • Mutual Fund schemes and other Fund of Funds schemes


  • Minors investing through their guardians after becoming major should inform the Registrar about the maturity status while submitting their banker-authenticated specimen signature along with other details such as bank account number and PAN (if required) so that the Registrar can update the records and permit them to operate their accounts on their own.
  • Persons of Indian Origin residing abroad (POIs)/Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) are permitted to invest in mutual funds by the Reserve Bank of India under Schedule 5 of the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident Outside India) Regulations, 2000

Documents required to invest in Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Here are the documents that an investor needs to provide at the time of investing in the schemes of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund:

  • Application form: KYC application form and application form for investing in the Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund schemes.
  • Address proof: Voter’s ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, utility bills such as electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill, flat maintenance bill, bank passbook or bank account statement, insurance copy, or registered lease/sale agreement of residence (copy of anyone)
  • Identity proof: PAN Card, Voter’s ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card or Passport (copy of anyone)
  • KYC documents: KYC form downloaded from the websites of intermediaries registered under SEBI along with a recent coloured passport-sized photograph of the investor
  • Third-party declaration form (For investment on behalf of a minor): Third-party declaration form along with the birth certificate, mark sheets (if any) and other supporting documents are required in case of investments which are done on behalf of a minor.

KYC requirements for investing in Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Once you become an investor with Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund, you have to keep updating your KYC details from time to time. Whether you change your residence or contact number, you need to inform the fund house about the same. The following KYC implementation criteria have been mandated by the fund house:

  • For making additional subscriptions and switching between schemes, the investors need to give additional KYC information as a mandate (as mentioned in the Account Opening Form). The information will include details like his/her occupation, gross annual income, net worth, a politically exposed person (PEP), etc.
  • If there is any missing KYC information, the investors must provide the information first and undergo an In-Person Verification (IPV) for making additional subscriptions and switching from one fund to another.
  • These provisions are only applicable to the investors who haven’t satisfied these requisites. These will be applicable in cases of fund purchase or switching in transactions if the missing KYC information is not submitted by the investor or IPV is not completed. However, at times Baroda Pioneer can reject these requirements.

How to invest in Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund?

Investing in the schemes of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund is very simple and easy. The investors can make the investments online by creating their folio with the company. However, there are a few requirements including the KRA and KYC compliance that the interested investors have to fulfill before starting investment.

Customers who are not KYC-Compliant

The investors who are interested in investing in the mutual fund schemes of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund need to update their KYC at first. KYC updation process is a one-time exercise which the investors mandatorily have to do while investing in the mutual fund market. The process needs to be completed through SEBI registered brokers or intermediaries. Once you complete the process, you needn’t conduct it again while subscribing to other mutual fund companies. The KYC updation process is detailed above. Just submit all your KYC related documents along with the application form for getting the KYC updation done. After completion of the process, you can start investing in any of the Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund schemes by following the steps detailed below.

Customers who are KYC Compliant

Investors who have KYC-compliance can right away start investing in the desired mutual fund scheme from Baroda Mutual Fund. The investment process is very easy as the company offers an online facility to the first-time investors who are willing to invest in the schemes offered by the company. For purchasing your desired scheme from Baroda Mutual Fund you have to follow the following steps:

  • First, visit the official website of the company.
  • Then go to the ‘First-time purchase’ section under ‘General’.
  • Here you have to select the scheme category and the scheme name that you want to purchase along with the investment mode.
  • In the next step, fill up the given form with all your personal, professional, and KYC details that you have been asked for.
  • Once you are done, cross-verify all the provided information and click on ‘Submit’.
  • Your application will be verified by the experts and once you are approved, you can immediately start investing in the scheme.

Why invest with Baroda Pioneer Mutual Funds?

There are multiple reasons why an investor should consider making investments in the schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund. Here are some of the key reasons why this fund house makes a great investment option:

  • Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund schemes are profitable investment options because the company is one among the top market players which provide quality investment services to their customers.
  • The schemes are customer-oriented and you can expect to get the help and guidance of the experts at every step right from the first step of investment.
  • The expert financial advisors of this fund house with a rich experience in this domain will at first will evaluate your risk profile, investment objective, and future expectations and then design an exclusive portfolio which will cater to all your investment needs.
  • By allocating assets in various instruments and securities, the prudent fund managers will try to generate optimum wealth for you through your investments.
  • Moreover, while investing with this company you will get a variety of schemes to invest in which will cater to your varied risk appetite and investment goals.

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FAQs on Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund

  1. Yes, you can as the mutual fund schemes of Baroda Pioneer are specially designed to help the small-scale investors generate wealth/income as per their risk-tolerance and investment objective.

  1. Yes, you can opt for an SIP investment while capitalising in the mutual fund schemes laid down by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund company.

  1. The redemption proceeds will be paid in your registered bank account in Indian rupees within a few days of submitting the application.

  1. Currently, Baroda Mutual Fund offers its ‘Transact Online’ facility only to the existing investors who have made investment through physical mode.

  1. No, you needn’t pay any extra charges for opening an account as the company provides this service absolutely free of cost.

  1. Yes, you can avail of the ‘Transact Online’ facility if you are an investor who has invested in the schemes of the company in physical mode. For availing this facility, you have to register yourself first.

  1. Yes, it is possible. Since user ID is created at the time of building a folio, you can manage all the folios through one single user ID. For that, you have to add all the folio with the user ID that you want to use for operating all the folios.

  1. Don’t worry if you get locked out of your account. Due to security reasons your account might get locked for 24 hours if you make three incorrect login attempts. However, your account will automatically get unlocked after 24 hours.

  1. The executives of this fund house can be reached easily through call or mail. For getting in touch with them, you have to dial their customer care number at 1800 – 2670 – 189. Alternately, you can reach out to them by mailing to [email protected].