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SBI General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group (IAG). SBI owns 74% of the total capital and IAG the remaining 26%. SBI Car Insurance Company in association with State Bank of India covered over 1.5 Crore Saving Bank Account holders of SBI with a Personal Accident Insurance cover. SBI General has also established its presence in nearly 14,000 Branches of State Bank of India.

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Updated: 20-05-2024 04:37:48 PM

Policy Highlights

Features Specifications
Third Party Cover Upto 7.5 L
Cashless Network Garages 1500
Incurred Claim Ratio* 91.75%
Net Earned Premium* Rs.738.09 crore

SBI General Insurance is the brainchild of India’s leading banking institution, the State Bank of India, and the Australian financial protection provider, Insurance Australia Group (IAG). Their stakes in are 74% and 26% respectively.

SBI is one of the ‘Big 4’ banks in India and is unmatched in terms of reach with over 17,000 nationwide branches.

What Does it Cover?

All liabilities and amounts payable towards third-parties as awarded by the Court in the event of damages caused by the insured.

Losses caused unto the insured either by way of death/ bodily injury or property impairment i.e. own-damage liability. Situations wherein this can occur include fires, natural disasters, mishaps during transit, theft, civil unrest, war, terrorism and related acts.

Losses in the event of personal accidents:

  • The owner is recompensed for expenses within a limit of Rs.2 lakhs.
  • Passengers, other than the owner-driver can also make claims as per this feature provided they are individually insured for Rs.2 lakhs, at maximum. (The said limits can be enhanced as per specifications).

For increased premiums the following benefits can be availed of:

Depreciation waiver Offered on replaced parts (not applicable for total loss). CNG-LPG kit cover i.e. the bi-fuel kit.
Protection of No-Claim Bonus
  • The policy is renewed with SBI General Insurance i.e. the policyholder does not switch to another insurer.
  • Only one claim was made during one policy period.
  • Repairs were undertaken in a network garage.
  • The amount of discount on renewal will be the same as that awarded before the claim.
Replacement of keys In the event of lost or stolen keys, amounts spent to make duplicates or repair broken locks at authorised garages will be reimbursed within specified limits i.e. 10% (with co-payment of total costs) or Rs.500, whichever is higher.
Recompensing paid employees These are the legal dues payable to either the hired driver or employees (of the policyholder) who were passengers or were driving the car at the time of the accident
Personal belongings cover Under this cover, losses pertaining to damaged or lost belongings in the car, of the insured party only, will be recompensed for up to Rs.50,000 (subject to deductibles ranging between Rs.500 to Rs.5,000)
Invoice Value This cover will allow the insured to receive, from the company, the difference between the claim payout and the actual value of the car (the actual value being the amount paid as evinced by the original invoice)

What are the Exceptions?

While comprehensive in nature, there are certain exclusions to the cover provided under this plan. The common ones are highlighted below:

  • Loss in value as a result of the vehicle’s age progression.
  • Consequential loss.
  • Mechanic or electric fallouts.
  • Losses from using the vehicle over it’s determined limits and outside specified boundaries (locations).
  • Damages caused while driving without a valid license or while intoxicated.
  • Damages caused by a driver without the requisite authority.
  • Eventualities of war and nuclear activities.

How is the Policy Priced?

A unique feature providing flexibility to the customers.

  • Policy costs are determined according to individual customer profiles thereby rewarding low-risk clients.
  • Discounts are offered to entrants aged between 36 years – 60 years.

What kind of Discounts are Offered?

No-Claim Bonus is awarded:

  • After every policy period that is completed claim-free.
  • Upon renewal (within 90 days of policy expiry).
  • Up to 50% of premiums due.
  • Even upon transfer of no-claim benefits from or to another insurer.

In addition to the compulsory deductible that Auto insurance holders have to pay, there is also a voluntary deductible option under this plan. By choosing to bear some amount of the claim payable, the policyholder can avail premium discounts.

Age-related discounts are given to customers between 36 years to 60 years.

  • Assistance during on-road emergencies.
  • Guidance through the process of repairs and replacement.
  • Transparent claim process.
  • Claim status updates.

SBI General has developed it’s motor assurance product based on a strong understanding of the market and it’s customers. This plan meets the comprehensive needs of all motorists looking to safeguard their financial interests in an economic and flexible manner.

Customer Care

The toll-free number of the SBI Car insurance company is 1800 22 1111. You can call this number to get clarifications for your queries or to report any issues. The website offers other features as well; the facility that enables you to request for a call back from the insurer and the online form that allows you to record your issues/feedback are noteworthy.

The menu option ‘Locate Branch’ enables you to identify the branch offices of the insurance company throughout the country. The garage locator option provides you a list of network garages in India where you can get cashless claim settlement facility.


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