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Star health insurance is India’s first standalone health insurance company, starting its operations in 2006 have flourished like a palm tree in less time. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. specialize in providing health insurance at low-cost rates to its customers, especially Health Insurance, Overseas Mediclaim Policy, and Personal Accident. The insurer has more than 8800 plus hospitals offering cashless payment facility, with more than 340 plus branches across the globe.

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Updated: 29-05-2024 10:13:22 AM

Highlights of Star Health Insurance

Number of Network Hospitals 8800+
Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases 4 years
Portability Yes
Number of Policies Issued 3089558
Renewability of the Policy Lifetime
Discounts Available
NCB Bonus 5%-100%
TPA Investment No
Grievances Solved 98.96%
Free Look Period 15 days
Grace Period 30 days
Claim Settlement Ratio (2017-18) 61.76%

Why to Buy Star Health Insurance?

  • Incurred Claim Ratio: The Incurred Claim ratio of a company determines the percentage of claims accepted and paid. The ratio should be between 60% to 100% as guided by the IRDA. When we talk about Incurred Claim settlement ratio of Star Health Insurance stands at 60.4%
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratio: The customer plays an integral role in the development of the company, which why priorItizing them is of prime importance. On the other hand, Star Health insurance with an army of satisfied customers has paid Rs 2552.30 crores for the claim settlement. Also, 90% of cashless claims are attended and cleared within a time gap of 2 hours.
  • Quick and Smooth Claim Service: Star Health has established a breathtaking record of claim settlement where it settled 6,34,692 claims very smoothly and without any obstruction for the current financial year. This shows how much Star Health insurance customer care is persevered in providing fast solutions and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Award Titles Earned: Starting from the current list of awards bagged by the Star Health in health insurance category are Health Insurance Provider of the Year – Silver Award, Best Health Insurance Provider of the year 2018-19 by Business Today, Health Insurance Company of the Year 2017 by Finteleket and many more to roll down.
  • Cashless Treatment Facility: When the insured meet any accident or illness for which he/she needs immediate medical attention through hospitalization, then this facility becomes active. Star Health Insurance completely bears all the expenses flowing out of hospitalization.
  • 8,800+ Network Hospitals All over India: Star Health has the largest network of hospitals in contrast to the other health insurance players in the market. A policyholder can avail any of the nearest local hospitals for the cashless hospitalization for any illness, or accident on the permission of Star Health insurance.
  • Lifelong Renewals: Policyholder is provided with the option to renew the existing policy along with carrying all the benefit earned in the previous policy year. Star Health Insurance gives you the flexibility to renew the policy online with convenience and lesser efforts.
  • Specialized Coverage for Parents and Children: The health insurance plans introduced by the Star Health brings complete coverage plan exclusively for senior citizens or parents and children that covers diseases and medical expenses related to them.
  • Discounts and Rewards on Renewal: When a policyholder applies for the renewal on the passing of one or two or third policy as per the policy term is chosen, he/ she will get discounts or bonuses.
  • Online Facility: Star Health insurance promotes the usage of electronic form for the convenience of customers and to enhance the customer experience in the claim settlement. Where is this facility useful? This facility can be utilized to raise a query about the claim procedure and the benefits earned in a policy, knowing the claim status, submitting the claim online, renewal of the policy, online filling of the form, expert advice, etc.

Combo Plans by Star Health Insurance

  • Star First Delite
  • Star First Care
  • Star First Comprehensive
  • Star First Classic
  • Star First Optima
  • Health Insurance for Corporates

Star Health Travel Insurance

  • Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy
  • Star Corporate Travel Protect Insurance Policy
  • Star Student Travel Protect Insurance Policy

Star Health Personal Accident Insurance

  • Accident Care Individual Insurance Policy
  • Student Care

Eligibility Criteria of Star Health Insurance

Star Health Insurance Plans Minimum Age of Entry Maximum Age of Entry Sum Insured Number of Members can be Included Premium Paying Modes Premium Paying Term
For individuals and Family:
Star Comprehensive Insurance 5 years/91 days (for children) 65 years Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs Family Floater: 6 members Annually/ Monthly One Year
Family Health Optima 18 years 16 days (for children) 65 years Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs individuals: 6 members
Family Floater: 6 members (2 adults and 5 children)
Annually/ Monthly One Year/ Two Year/ three year
Star Super Surplus (individuals and floater) For children: 91 days to 25 years
For Adults: 18 years
65 years For silver plan: Rs 7/ 10 lakhs For gold plan: Rs 5/10/15/20/25 lakhs For silver plan Family Floater: 4 members For gold plan: 5 members Annually/ Monthly One Year
Medi Classic Insurance Policy (individuals and family) For children: 91 days to 25 years For Adults: 18 years 65 years Rs 1.5/2/3/4/5/10/15 lakhs Family Floater: 4 members maximum Annually/Monthly One Year/Two year
Senior Citizens Red Carpet For children: 91 days to 25 years For Adults: 18 years 65 years Rs 1/2/3/4/5/7.5/10/15/20/25 lakhs Family Floater: 4 members maximum Annually/Monthly One Year/Two Year/Three year
Star Health Gain For children: 91 days to 25 years For Adults: 18 years 65 years Rs 1/2/3/4/5 lakhs Family Floater: 4 members maximum Annually/Monthly One year
Star Family Delite 5 months(for children) 18 year (for adults) 25 years (for dependent children) 65 years Rs 2/3 lakhs Family Floater: 4 members maximum Annually/Monthly One Year/Two Year
Star Criticare Plus 18 years 65 years Rs 2/3/4/5/10 lakhs For Individual only Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Care Micro 18 years (for adults) 2 years (for children) 65 years Rs 1 lakhs individuals: 1 adult Family Floater: 4 members Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Diabetes Safe 18 years 65 years Rs 3/4/5/10 lakhs Self and spouse can be included Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Cardiac Care 10 years 65 years Rs 3/4 lakhs For Individual only Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) 5 months 65 years Rs 3/5 lakhs For Individual only Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Net Plus Governmental agencies, NGOs and registered societies can purchase for the people they are serving and if they are infected with HIV positive Under Section 1: Rs 5k/15k/30k/50k For Section 2: Rs 5k/15k/30k/50k/td> For Individuals only Annually/Monthly One Year
Star Special Care 3 years 25 years Rs 3 lakhs For Individuals only Annually/Monthly One Year

Star Health Insurance Renewal Process

  • Once the policy is purchased from Star health and allied insurance, the policyholder can apply to renew the existing health plan on the policy anniversary through submission of policy details like:
    1. Policy number mentioned over the policy documents.
    2. Date of Birth which must be the same as the DOB mentioned at the time of purchase.
  • The renewal can be done online directly on the website by filling the above details.

How To Calculate Star Health Insurance Premium?

The premium will be calculated based on a number of factors such as:

  • Amount of sum insured opted: The first and foremost factor while purchasing star health insurance is the sum insured opted to meet the future medical expenses of the policyholder and his/her family.
  • Age of the policyholder: The second factor for the calculation of premium is the age of the eldest member or the main applicant taking the coverage for the whole family. Whether under family floater or individuals policy, the premium will be decided by considering the age of the eldest insured person.
  • Number of family members included: Another revolving factor is total members chosen to avail the coverage. Family members can be added to the policy under family floater basis. The maximum limit for including members is limited to 6/5/4 members according to the type of Star Health insurance plan opted. Only some star health plans offer coverage for family members.
  • Individuals or family floater: The premium also depends upon the kind of coverage, whether it is individuals or family floater policy. Under family floater, as the count of members increases, the premium rate also increases. However, Star Health gives a discount on premium if more than 2 members are included.

Exclusions of Star Health Insurance

  • Any injury illness arising due to involvement in wars, radioactivities, nuclear bombing,
  • Expenses related to spectacles and contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs, and such other aids are not covered.
  • Any disease arriving during the first 30 days starting from the date of inception of the policy.
  • Circumcision or cosmetic or plastic surgery or aesthetic treatment and all treatments for erectile dysfunction.
  • Any hospitalization that is not recommended or mandatory by the medical practitioner.
  • Surgical processes for the treatment of obesity, weight control, and endocrine disorders.

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The claims can be communicated by calling on the Star Health customer care toll-free number, which is readily available for 24 hours a day and can be reached any time.

In star health plans, there are two types of hospitalization for which insured/family has to inform for claim acceptance.

  • For planned hospitalization: The event of hospitalization must be briefed within 24 hours before admission to a network or a non-network hospital.
  • For emergency hospitalization: The happening of the event within 24 hours after hospitalization.

The maximum amount of time taken by the Star Health Insurance to settle a reimbursement claim or any other specified claim is 30 days, which meets the regulations formed by the IRDA for health insurance claim settlement.

The necessity of medical check-up will depend upon the age of the policyholder. The policyholder who is under 50 years of age is excluded from giving any health examination. However, the health check-up for a person above the age of 50 years is mandatory.

No, Star Health Insurance doesn’t offer coverage for Ayurvedic treatments.

There is no limit imposed on the number of claims that can be raised but there is a maximum limit of sum insured that can be utilized per policy period.

All the premiums paid towards the health insurance policy are tax exempted under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Assessee and his/her family is below 60 years of age Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000 Rs.50,000
Assessee and his/her family is less than 60 years of age and parents are above 60 years old Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.55,000
Assessee and his/her parents are 60 years and above Rs.30,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.60,000