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The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd was incorporated at Bombay on 12th September 1947. The Company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd and was formed to carry out General Motor Insurance business. ORIENTAL with its head Office at New Delhi has 30 Regional Offices and nearly 1800+ operating Offices in various cities of the country.

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What is Covered Under Oriental Car Insurance?

The sum insured will be the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle. Herein, the IDV for vehicles that are less than five years old is the manufacturers’ listed selling price that is suitably adjusted for depreciation depending upon the age of the vehicle, and in accordance with set norms. The IDV for vehicles that are older than five years is decided to be a mutually agreed upon value.

Oriental Car Insurance Coverage Details:

  • Damage or loss of vehicle that is caused accidentally.
  • Third Party Liability wherein your vehicle was involved in an accident that caused loss, damage to property and/or injury, death to a third party.
  • Natural Mishaps: Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.
  • Man-made: Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air, etc.

What is not Covered Under Oriental Car Insurance?

  • Damage caused to vehicle when the driver wasn’t carrying a driver’s license, and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or other mood/mind stimulating substances.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure.
  • Damage to vehicle by war, mutiny or nuclear attacks.
  • Depreciation in line with the market scenarios and other external conditions.
  • Damage incurred while the car was operational outside India- unless covered by additional premium for Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
  • Vehicle was utilised as part of an agreement that isn’t suitably communicated to the insurer, including being used for hire or reward, speed tests, reliability trials, pace setting, racing, and any scenario involving motor trade.
  • Damage caused to the tyres and tubes of the car- unless the damage occurred in an accident that ensured a liability of upto 50% of the overall value.

How is the Premium Calculated ?

The premium for the Oriental car insurance plan depends on the following factors:

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle – The IDV is essentially the current market value of the car. This is the selling price of the vehicle (as listed by the manufacturer) less the depreciation. The IDV is the maximum sum insured that the car insurance company pays the policyholder at the time of a total loss claim. The higher the IDV, the costlier it is to insure the vehicle.
  • The cubic capacity of the engine – The part of the car insurance premium that corresponds to third-party liability is fixed by the IRDA on an annual basis. This depends on the cubic capacity of the vehicle’s engine.
Engine capacity Premium in Rs.
Not more than 1,000 cc 1,850
Between 1,000 cc and 1,500 cc 2,863
More than 1,500 cc 7,890
  • The area of registration of the car – If the car is used in an area that is prone to crimes and accidents, it will attract higher premiums.
  • The age of the vehicle – The older the car the lower would be its insurance premium, and vice versa.

In addition to the above factors, the insurance company would also consider the additional fittings in the vehicle while providing you an insurance quote. If the vehicle is equipped with a CNG/LPG kit, it would attract extra premium. Moreover, when you opt for add-on insurance you will have to pay additional premium as per the rider terms and conditions.

Oriental Car Insurance Claim for Accidental Injuries:

If the policyholder encounters a situation that qualifies for a claim, then he/she should do the following:

  • The policyholder should immediately send a written notice to the insurance company with all relevant documents.
  • The claim form should be duly filled in and submitted along with the following documentation:
    • Medical certificate that specifies the nature of the injuries
    • Report from the medical examiner
    • Details of the treatment availed
      • Name of the hospital/nursing home/doctor
    • Employer’s certificate that states that the policyholder was on leave for the duration specified in the claim
    • Fitness certificate of the policyholder

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No. Not even if you as the owner of the vehicle have an invalid driving license. No insurance cover can be claimed if the person driving does not have a valid driving license as Oriental Car Insurance has always condemned irresponsible driving.

Some motor insurance companies do insist on switching automobile insurance as insurance procedures and premium calculations can vary slightly from state to state. But Oriental insurance has a more centralized approach and makes renewal of existing policy in another state very much possible. You need to fill in a fresh proposal form. Remember that the slightest error can result in claim denial. The specific branch can request for personal inspection of your vehicle and also insist on other formalities as per the situation. Please get in touch with the nearest branch for further assistance.

  1. There are no tax benefits for premiums paid towards these covers.

Yes, you can transfer your existing insurance to the buyer of your vehicle. For this, you will have to provide an agreement in writing to the insurance company. A fresh proposal form should also be filled in and submitted to Oriental Insurance. A nominal fee will be charged for the insurance transfer. You can contact the insurance company for further details.

Yes, it is very important that you transfer the car insurance to your name. It is mandatory for the insurance and registration of the car to be in the name of the same person with the same address. Otherwise, Oriental Insurance (like most other insurance companies) will not honour your future claims. To transfer the insurance, you should update a fresh proposal form and pay the fee for insurance transfer. You can contact the insurance company for further details on this.

You should approach the same branch of the insurance company from where you had purchased the policy initially. On submission of a written request and payment of a nominal fee, a duplicate copy of the policy will be issued.

Installation of a CNG/LPG kit or any other such changes in the structure of the car will require registration with the RTO. Your Registration Certificate (RC) should also have an entry regarding the same. Further, you will have to approach your insurer and declare it along with a copy of the RC. Installing a CNG/LPG kit demands a higher premium. The insurance company will add an endorsement to your existing car insurance policy to that effect. Only after the endorsement is effective will the company be liable to honour a claim.