How to Merge EPF Account UANs, And Why it’s Important

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How to Merge EPF Account UANs, And Why it’s Important
  • By Shivani
  • 25th April, 2024
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Merging more than one EPF account UAN is a vital method that guarantees the consolidation of all Provident Fund money owed into one, streamlining monetary management and avoiding capacity losses. The way of merging EPF debts is crucial for human beings who have changed jobs or gathered more than one Universal Account Number (UAN) over time.

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a totally precise 12-digit identifier issued via the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to streamline the control of PF debts and facilitate fund transfers among employers.

By merging more than one EPF account UANs, people can centralize their PF money owed, simplify fund control, and ensure a continuing transition between employers. This comprehensive guide will define the step-through-step system of merging a couple of EPF account UANs, providing people with the necessary statistics to consolidate their PF accounts effectively.


Step Guide to Merge Multiple EPF Account UANs:

  • Visit the Member Sewa Portal: Begin by journeying the Member Sewa portal at https://unifiedportal-mem.Epfindia.Gov.In to provoke the system of merging multiple EPF account UANs.
  • Select ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request): Under the ‘Online Services’ tab at the Member Sewa portal, pick ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’ to continue with the merger request.
  • Review Personal Details and EPF Account Information: Review your non-public info and cutting-edge EPF account statistics, in which the switch of price range will take region. Ensure that everyone’s information is accurate and updated.
  • Choose Present Employer Attestation for Faster Processing: Opt for present agency attestation to expedite the processing of the merger request and facilitate an unbroken transition among EPF debts.
  • Enter Old Member ID or Previous PF Account Number: Enter the vintage member ID or previous PF account range (UAN) and click ‘Get Details’ to retrieve statistics about your preceding EPF account.
  • Obtain OTP and Submit for Verification: Click ‘Get OTP’ to acquire a one-time password on your registered cell quantity. Enter the OTP for verification and post it to continue with the merger request.
  • Approval through Current Employer: After filing the merger request, your modern-day organization will need to approve the request to merge EPF debts. Await confirmation from your company to proceed with the merger technique.
  • EPFO Processing and Account Merger: Once the merger request is authorized, the EPFO government will system and merge your preceding EPF accounts with the cutting-edge one, consolidating all price range and account information into an unmarried account.

Merging multiple EPF account UANs is a crucial step to ensure seamless financial control and keep away from capacity losses. With the arrival of the Universal Account Number (UAN), the procedure of merging multiple EPF debts has been simplified. The UAN is a unique 12-digit variety supplied through the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) that stays steady at some point in a person’s profession, even though they switch jobs.

Reasons for more than one UAN include changing jobs without supplying the Member ID and UAN to the brand new agency, or the very last operating day now not being blanketed inside the Electronic Challan and Return (ECR) through the previous agency, leading to the challenge of a brand new UAN by the new enterprise

To merge multiple EPF accounts, people can observe a step with the aid of a step-by-step guide on the Member Sewa portal. First, they want to select ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’ underneath the ‘Online Services’ tab. Then, they need to review their private info and modern-day EPF account data, wherein the switch will take the area. To transfer the vintage account, it desires to be attested via either the previous or gift agency.

Choosing gift organization attestation can expedite the processing of the merger request. After coming into the old member ID (previous PF account variety or UAN) and clicking ‘Get Details’, people can view their previous EPF account information. Then, they need to click ‘Get OTP’ and input the one-time password sent to their registered cellular range to continue with the merger request. Once the request is submitted, the current company needs to approve the merger request. After approval, EPFO authorities will method and merge the previous EPF bills with the current ones.

It is critical to word that vintage EPF money owed should comply with KYC requirements to publish the net request. If individuals have a couple of old EPF debts, every merger request needs to be submitted one by one. Alternatively, people can email [email protected] with their current and new UAN for verification and the backbone of the difficulty. Their preceding UAN can be deactivated, even as their contemporary UAN will remain lively. They have to then submit a claim to transfer the EPF account connected to the deactivated UAN to the new lively account.


In conclusion, merging multiple EPF account UANs is a critical step in streamlining monetary management and making sure of the consolidation of Provident Fund bills. By following the step-by means of-step guide mentioned above, individuals can effectively merge their EPF debts, centralize their budget, and simplify the transition among employers.

The technique of merging EPF account UANs is crucial for individuals who have accrued a couple of UANs over the years or modified jobs, ensuring an unbroken and green management of Provident Fund bills. By leveraging the online services provided with the aid of the EPFO and acquiring agency attestation, individuals can efficaciously merge their EPF bills and optimize their monetary planning and management.

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