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Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company is found by the collaboration with Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited, Japan. Chola MS provides a wide range of helpful health insurance products that are customized in a way which can easily meet different needs of customers. Chola MS champions a brand philosophy known as T3, which stands for Trust, Transparency and Technology. The company has been consistently recognised and awarded by the Government of India, international entities and several ratings agencies for its innovations in the insurance industry. The company carries 109 branches and over 9000 agents across the country.

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Highlights of Cholamandalam Health Insurance

Claim Ratio 72.91
Network Hospitals 8000+
Renewal Period Lifelong
Waiting Period 4 years (for already existing diseases only)
Grievances Solved Lifetime

Features of Cholamandalam MS Health Plans

Primary features Chola MS health insurance are mentioned below:

  • A few Chola MS Health plans offers coverage against critical diseases and accidents.
  • Plans by this company are also come out with essential feature like domiciliary hospitalization
  • Offers cashless hospitalization in 4300+ hospitals all around India.
  • Selected health plans to cover 20 primary critical diseases.
  • Offer tax benefits according to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act India, 1961.
  • Offers cover against 140 daycare activities and processes.
  • Charges including before and after in-patient conditions are also covered.
  • Easy claim settlement procedure.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance and its necessity

Health is a very important factor to enhance the growth of individual and loved ones. You remember the time when you were a little kid and your grandmother used to treat with home remedies for most of the illness and magically, you used to feel better just with the same. Somewhat it was because of a healthy lifestyle, eating green vegetables, the air was fresh and your immunity system was strong. But, now, even in your minute cold and cough you May need doctor a doctor to consult and eat medicines. It is because, with the change in time, lifestyle has also changed.

We tend to be a believer in the fast life. In the race of this fast life, we left behind the main motive of life and our health. We start to live on fast machines, fast gadgets and fast food in order to sort our life race. While we filter important things to do in a day, and 1 rare person out of 100 May write down drinking 8 litre water, hitting the gym or a vow to cut the junk out of the daily lifestyle. Because we actually do not look at our health as an important factor until and unless it gives us some problems like illness or some impairments. And in such a situation even the little help problems, successfully hindered the race in race and pace of our fast life. For example, imagine you got ulcers in your mouth.

Chola MS Health Insurance Claims Process

Cholamandalam health insurance policies offer great health insurance covers. And along with the covers, they offer very smooth and transparent insurance claim process for the customers. Following are the two ways to make an insurance claim under the Cholamandalam health insurance policies-

Cashless Service

  • In this condition, the policyholder does not have to pay the bill if he/she is admitted in a hospital or nursing home up to the sum insured under the insurance policy.
  • The policyholder has to report at the TPA desk of the hospital along with the Chola MS Health Card, a Photo ID card and the investigation reports and complete the pre authorisation form.
  • The letter will be sent to the claim management team for authorisation and they have the power to cross questioning the hospital for the same.
  • In case the authorization is rejected by the team then the policyholder has to pay the amount and pay to initiate the treatment and file then file for reimbursement claim.

Reimbursement Claim

  • The policyholder has to complete the necessary information in the reimbursement form.
  • Then the required documents such as discharge summary, prescription etc will be sent along with the form.
  • An approved letter will be received from the claim management team if everything is a place.
  • In case your claim is rejected you will receive the same along with the reason.

Review of the Chola MS Health Insurance

Chola MS Health Insurance offers a very vast range of health insurance plans which cover an individual from all aspects of individual and family members’ health protection. Chola MS Health Insurance ensures peace of mind and facilitates the policyholder to bear all expenses of medical emergencies in a smooth manner. Chola MS Health Insurance had 105 branches and over 9000 agents, the company offers a quite good customer care service and customer friendly environment. Individual health insurance in India can be availed by any individual resident between the ages of 18 to 65 to undergo treatment in India.

Contact Address

Cholamandalam MS,General Insurance Company Ltd,

2nd Floor, “Dare House”, No.2, NSC Bose Road, Chennai – 600001, India.

E-Mail Id: [email protected](dot)com

Phone: 044-3044 5400 , Fax no: 044-3044 5550


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Following factors are very crucial for deciding the premium amount of the insurance plan-

  • Gender of the policyholder
  • Age of the policyholder
  • The monetary value of the insurance amount chosen

Following is the documents required for processing the treatment in Cholamandalam health insurance policy-

  • Claim form duly filled and signed
  • Prescription of a doctor advising the admission
  • Discharge card issued by the hospital
  • Final hospital bill (in original) and payment receipt
  • Medical investigation reports
  • Medicine bills with the supporting prescriptions
  • Invoice/sticker for implants if used in the surgery
  • Other bills or documents related to the treatment

Yes, it is possible to buy an MS Critical Healthline Policy even when you have some existing policy. The insured can claim both Critical illness cover of the policies when a critical illness occurs.

Documents Required for Purchasing the Chola MS Health Insurance Policy are-

  • ID proof such as voter ID card or/and aadhaar Card.
  • Address proof, for example, Voter Id card or / and aadhaar Card.
  • Medical certificates, if asked or required specifically in your health insurance policy.

The Health Alert is a feature that is available exclusively only to the Chola MS Health Insurance Policy policyholders, this feature provides health tips to customers through SMS alerts. From taking medication on time, meeting your family doctor on a scheduled appointment to health tips, this messaging service keeps you updated through instant messages for a healthy lifestyle.

Within a few days of buying or renewing your policy, an executive from Purple Teal will call you to activate the service. But, If you haven’t updated your mobile number with the Chola MS Health Insurance Policy then you have to do so by, calling 1800-200-5544 (Toll Free) so that you do not miss out any important information.